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HYIPs that work

If you've searched around the Internet for different ways to make money online, there's no doubt that you've come across the term "HYIP". You might have just skipped it and paid it no mind, but if you're reading this article right now, you must have questioned what the term encompasses. HYIP stands for "High Yield Investment Programs", which covers all programs, offline and online, that are used to invest money to receive a higher yield than you would normally get at a bank.

But that doesn't necessarily mean that it's a safe and solid investment. Look to HYIPs as more like gambling than an investment, and only use money that you can afford to lose. HYIPs basically take the investments of their members and invest them as a whole into more standard investments, including stocks, high yield bonds, foreign exchange trading (FOREX), or other programs. It works almost like a loan to the creator of the HYIP in which they pay you back with the profits that they gain on your money, kind of like interest on your principle.

HYIP online programs have different interest payment terms, and you need to know all the rules before you join up with one. They can either pay a daily percentage, which is usually in the range of 1 to 10%, weekly, which can pay anywhere from 5 to 50%, and monthly, which can pay anywhere from 20 to 200%. Make sure that you find one that meets your needs in terms of profit gains, such as if you're doing it short term or long term. Studying all the site information, including the FAQ, the terms and anything else you may come across is a good idea if you want to know what's happening with your hard-earned dollars.

HYIPs that work: Please note that most HYIPs don't work especially those that offer high return on investments daily. I have invested in so many HYIPs and only few out of them worked out. The HYIPs that work offers interests from 1% to 20% daily


HYIP InvestmentsHYIPs, or High Yield Investment Programs, like any other investment opportunity pay you a percentage (either constant or varying) of your invested funds. Most of the HYIPs pay certain daily or weekly interest, which can be withdrawn to your payment processor either every day, or once a month.

The concept is very simple, HYIPs are the easiest passive income. You don't have to do anything, just invest some of your funds and watch your profits grow. Every day or every month your account will be rewarded with the promised interest, which can be withdrawn or compounded.

Well it's a little bit harder than that: HYIP investments are very popular nowadays and a lot of con artists or even teenagers trying to make a fast bucks open a HYIP fund and scam easily. Experienced HYIP investor can recognize a scam easily, but if you have only started with HYIP investments, beware of program with extremely high daily interest.If it's paying more than 10% daily certainly is a SCAM and you'll not see your funds back.

Most of hyip funds aren't worth your attention. But there are some real High Yield Investment Programs that have been paying their members for a long time and have a good reputation. You should look only for this programs that are started by experienced traders or funds manager experts.You can check HYIP monitoring sites like hyip.com or lrhyip.com to find suitable funds that are for good.

HYIP programs usually use either automatic or semi-automatic payment scripts, that allow you to withdraw your interest at any time. It's also recommended to withdraw your interest frequently to minimize the risk.

HYIP Manager Script helps you starting your own investment fund in minutes.All you need is a way to generate earnings and our powerful script.

There are literally thousands and hundreds of million of dollars invested in HYIPs every year, and while most of newbie investors start their investing "career" with losses, more experienced HYIP traders are able even to make a living on HYIPs.

To become a successful investor you need to learn a lot, read all the HYIP related articles, written by senior investors, visit forums and participate in HYIP discussions and, of course, invest.

To start you own HYIP funds use HYIP Manager Script software as its the best in this industry and at an afordable price

HYIP Investment involves a high amount of risk. Absolutely no HYIP can guarantee any profits and if it does, be cation. Investing in HYIPs you risk to lose your money every day - when a program closes it happens suddenly, at the moment when most investors don't expect it (though experienced HYIP traders usually know when they should take the money out the program, before it closes).

If you have decided to invest in High Yeld Investment Programs you should be ready for that type of risk, but the risk is worth the earnings here. You can not expect to make any substantial return if you are not willing to accept a certain amount of risk. The gain is usually proportional to the risk - can be obtained either with high interest daily with high risk, or gain the same interest, but every month with a lower level of risk.

Estimating risk may be a difficult challenge mostly because finding the real information about the program is not easy, you can't completely trust anyone when dealing with HYIPs. But certain point should be considered, for example, new HYIPs present much higher risk than those that have already proven their long term intentions by at least a year of positive payout history.
HYIP administrators should also explain how they intend to generate the quoted returns, unwillingness to disclose such information by the program owners doesn't add to the program's good reputation. Beware of any program that refuses to provide information about its investing strategy.

When you know where the program is investing to gain high returns, you may use the knowledge to estimate potential risks by defining how real certain interest can be in the given market. For example a program trading at FOREX can hardly generate 5% daily, while 5-15% monthly can be achieved by an experienced trader with a reasonable amount of risk.
Another important factor in estimating a program's risk is an average lifetime of similar program. For expemple a program paying 3-4% daily, using a professional unique design and well advertised can last AT LEAST for several months, so it can still be safe to invest in it during its first months, Nevertheless, programs paying 1=3% daily may last for much longer time, even for several years.

Referral comissions and payment processors fees are also very important. Program paying very high referral comissions is not likely to run for a long time. All serious programs also have reasonable minimum investment thresholds (of around $20) and payment fees (up to 3%).
The website, which is updated frequently indicates a more professional attitude. Frequency of admin updates is usually proportional to the interest paid to members - programs paying high interest may provide their members updates several times a week, while others, paying lower returns may only update their members once a month.

Your experience is vital to estimate the risks involved in HYIP investing, after considering all the above points your intuition may play a key role in deciding whether to invest in certain program, or not.


About HYIPS And Autosurfs
About HYIPS and Autosurfs-HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program, and refers to investment programs that you make an invest of funds in exchange for a ROI, or a Return On Investment. There are many Hyips on the internet, and most people understand that most of them are unreliable and some are outright scams.

The problem with most of the sites up now, is that they have no legitimate way of earning income for their depositors, they simply use future deposits to pay the ROI on past deposits, which means most Hyips do not last longer than 3 months if that long. The rule, is that if they offer more than 10% or 12% daily, you can expect that it will not last very long.
Some of these sites will tell you up front that they are "games", and that if you lose, they are not responsible for paying you back. Many of these sites will offer 50%, 100%, up to 300% daily ROI on your deposits, and these are the riskiest, and is mostly like gambling.

Some people learn how to make a profit investing in hyips, and it can be done, but it is advisable that you first learn something about hyips and the industry before making your first deposit.
The first thing you should know, is that to invest in hyips, you should have an e-currency account, preferably, E-Gold. Most hyips do not take credit cards or checks; the most popular e-currencies used are E-Gold, or E-Buillion, because they are backed by gold, and some also use Alert Pay, which is a payment processor that is growing now that Stormpay literally self-exploded. E-gold is the most popular e-currency used for hyips.

Once, you have a e-gold account, you need to research all of the hyip programs to find the ones that are the most stable and reliable, which usually means avoiding any program paying 300% in 3 days, because you know that are one of game sites and will not last for very long. There are very few if any trading programs or investments these sites could be investing your money in to get that king of return. The most reliable ones are sites offering a much lower daily ROI percentage and the term is longer than 10 days.

Many people do not want to invest their money in hyips for very long for fear of not getting their money back, and I do understand this; there are many sites that cannot be trusted.
The best hyip sites offer a lower ROI with a longer term than 3 to 10 days, AND they also have a stable business plan structure. What I mean is that they will be using your money to actually earn a Return On Your Investment and then pay back your deposit plus your daily ROI.
For instance, many of the more stable hyips do e-currency trading, forex trading, or use other financial instruments to earn a profits so that they can pay you back. The sites that are the most trustworthy are the ones that state on their sites what types of activities they are engaging in to earn your ROI.

There are some sites that will give you a steady ROI without stating how they are doing so, and many people will invest in these sites as long as they are consistenly paid.
After my own investigations, I have found that it is best to stick with the more stable hyips, but there are people who state they make returns on the risky hyips, and they will tell you how to do this. The best way to find out which sites are paying and which are scams are use read the HYIP forums, such as TalkGold, or Gold Poll. There are also Monitoring sites, where hyips sites voluntarily list their sites for monitoring, The most popular being HYIP Monitor, or Gold Rater. You can find many of these sites using Google or Yahoo.

The one thing that you should always remember: Never Invest More Than You Can Stand To Lose, and You Will Not Always Get Back Everything You Invested In. If you are not willing to take some risk, than these types of investments may not be right for you.

I can honestly say, I had to learn the hard way to invest with my common sense and not to invest with my emotions. What I mean is research the website, see if they have a real plan to keep the site going, and don't invest just because something looks like it is quick and easy money unless you are mentally prepared to lose that money should you be the one stuck at the end of the pipeline!

Autosurfs are a similar type of site, but in order to make the ROI on your deposits, you must "surf" a pre-determined number of websites to receive you daily ROI. You are automatically shown a series of websites with the intent to make your daily ROI and the hope of the person(s) advertising that you will be interested enough to buy their item or join their business opportunity.

I mention these sites only because you will find that some of the people who invest in hyips invest in autosurfs as well.

Autosurfs can be just as risky as Hyips, and many sites these days do not last very long. Again, the problem is that many are using future deposits to pay off the the older deposits, but there are some sites that have paid off reliably and passed the three month mark. Autosurfs usually do not have a stable financial plan and most of the times they will not state on their site how the funds are being used.

The forums and monitoring sites are the best indicators of good autosurfs, however this industry on the whole has been experiencing problems with many sites disappearing or not paying their depositors.

If you decide to try Hyips, be aware that the best ones are not always the most popular ones or the ones that offer you the high rates of returns. If you are new to the industry, start slow and listen to what other investors are saying about their experiences with the sites you are interested in - make the most of all the opportunities that you can find